World Congress on Medical Acupuncture




De parte de Acumedic e Clinica Seven Senses o Dr. Vadym Fasiy participou no Congresso ICMART 2016 (Sofia, Bulgaria)









Dear colleagues, 

It is a great honor to welcome you to the ICMART XVIII World Congress on Medical Acupuncture.

An exceptional scientific event, focused on well-being, in which we will share the practice, research and education across the World. As well-being is a state characterized by health, happiness and prosperity, this congress will be extremely enlightening.
Nearly 100 scientists selected to present their work, 10 free workshops, posters and the Young Scientist Award will create the opportunity for our community to interact and discuss current practice and new directions.
The General Assembly of ICMART will be held during the congress and all our new activities will be announced and discussed.I wish all the participants find scientific inspiration and enjoy a memorable stay in Sofia!

Dr. Konstantina Theodoratou, MD, MSc, Med. Psych.
ICMART President